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Corporate Gifts

We are the largest supplier of Bonsai for Corporate Gifts in the UK.

We can supply trees as gifts to both public & corporate individuals & bodies.

We have sent Bonsai as Gifts to many destinations all over Europe.

We can supply hand made greating cards & care sheets to go with the trees, if you desire. Or for commercial customers we can also include any printed matter supplied.

We have sent trees directly out to our Client's Customers & sent in large quantities to our Clients for distribution.

Certain species of trees can be supplied in larger quantities with discounts available. Whilst we hand pick all our trees, no tree is ever identical to another & therefore whilst we will do our utmost to supply trees of similar size & structure some variation will occur.

We have supplied Bonsai in quantities as low as a single tree right up to 300 trees.

CLICK HERE to see some of the Corporate Gifts that we have supplied.


Posted to any destination in Europe*

Please call or email us for details

* Import restrictions may apply in some countries. Please make sure that they allow importation of the Bonsai that you intend to order.

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